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Upgrade Your Next Dinner With Our Time-Tested Development Strategy...

The Perfect Vision Dinner

Mentorship Program

2,500+ Successfully Trained Dinners Over the Last 40 Years!




We offer a step-by-step, easy-to-understand, personalized coaching program to get your nonprofit fully funded by October 2024 and on the right path for sustainable growth.

Learn the same strategy used by these world-class organizations...

Raised $365,000 in One Night!

"The Perfect Vision Dinner helped us break the bubble and go to the next level. We had been flat since, for about 10 years!"

~ Becky Deas, Executive Director of Options Now

Real Results Your Can Count On

We are seeing that organizations who are trained by Fundraising Masterminds are raising 40-60% more funds than before.

Raised: $120,000
Brinkman Adventures
Milwaukee, WI
Raised: $140,000
Alpha Pregnancy Center
Sioux Falls, SD
Raised: $600,000
Heartland Pregnancy Care.png
Hearland PRC
Raised: $149,000
231% GROWTH!
Chesterton Academy
Orlando, FL
Raised: $355,000
Options Now
Raised: $365,000
Anchor of Hope
Sheboygan, WI
Raised: $275,000
ISOW Bible College
Raised: $173,000

Are you from a pregnancy center?

Pregnancy centers can really benefit from this mentorship program, because many pregnancy centers are functioning on outdated development training from Lifesteward or Heartbeat.  Many executive directors are given a manual and told "do it this way" with no one to guide them.  Many PRC's who take our training raise 50% more funds than they are currently raising.
What did Becky Deas from a PRC in GA think?

Are you from a Christian school?

Many schools struggle with fundraising efforts because they fail to develop a strategy beyond parents paying for tuition.  Our program will help you develop and create new partnerships that will allow you to expand your vision or complete special projects.
What did Dan Strasser from Chesterton Academy think?

Are you from FCA?

Many FCA directors get confused between the FCA bootcamp and the training we offer.  Although FCA does provide some fundraising training, it does not even come close to the same level of detail that we provide in this mentorship program. Our program fills in the gaps and helps you raise the funds you need, all in one special event.
What did TJ Carlson, FCA State Director think?


Is This Program Right For My Organization?

Our program works for any nonprofit organization regardless of your location, size or activity.

What is it?

The Perfect Vision Dinner Mentorship Program

The Perfect Vision Dinner Mentorship Program is a time-tested, proven development strategy that helps nonprofits meet the majority of their fundraising goals in one single-dinner event. This highly-effective approach was developed by the Chief Development Director of Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU), over 40 years of experience. Jim has personally overseen over 2,500 vision dinners in his lifetime and has raised over $1 billion worldwide.  

The Perfect Vision Dinner Mentorship Program is designed to take your team through every stage of the vision dinner planning, execution, and followup.

​Starting with a strong foundation, Jim and Jason discuss the fundamental differences between fundraising and Biblical development for Christian nonprofits. Not only will you get the funding you need, but you will also learn the long-term strategies that built CRU into a world-wide movement.

How do I know if this course is right for my organization?

Does your organization need a fresh infusion of monthly partners?

Do you feel "stuck" doing the same fundraising events every year with little growth?

✓ Are you feeling overwhelmed with the task of fundraising?

✓ Do you want to improve your current fundraising dinner?

✓ Are you a new nonprofit that is trying to raise the funds to get started?

✓ Are you trying to break through to the next level of growth?

​If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this course is for you.

You may enroll up to 5 people on your team. This team should include your:

  • Dinner Coordinator

  • Table Host Coordinator

  • Volunteer Coordinator

  • Registration Coordinator

Our Goal:

Throughout this program, our desire is to fully equip you with the Biblical tools you need for your nonprofit's development, so that you can win, keep and lift your partners to higher levels of giving in your organization.


If this course does not pay for itself, you can have your money back.*

Course Timeline


May 6, 2024



Week of September 30, 2024


May 6, 2024


October, 2024


Click here for a complete course outline.


If this course does not pay for itself, we will issue you a full refund. *

Jim & Jason at Dinner


Jim Dempsey - Offical Profile Photo - Square_edited.jpg
Jason Galicinski - Offical Profile Photo - Square.jpg

In addition to getting your organization FULLY FUNDED, you will gain the following benefits:

  1. In-depth Understanding of Development vs. Fundraising: Grasp the essential differences between these two crucial concepts.

  2. Cultivation of LIFE Partners: Learn strategies for developing long-term, impactful partnerships.

  3. Local Partner Acquisition: Gain insights on identifying and engaging enthusiastic local supporters.

  4. Team Building for Dinners: Discover how to form and manage a dedicated team, reducing individual workload.

  5. Sustainable Organizational Growth: Master techniques for continual growth through new partnerships.

  6. Proven Training Methodology: Receive 20 weeks of step-by-step instruction based on a 40-year-old successful formula.

  7. Effective Appeal Crafting: Learn how to create compelling appeals that produce tangible results.

  8. Weekly Support and Accountability: Benefit from regular Zoom calls for guidance, problem-solving, and accountability.

  9. Access to a Community of Nonprofit Leaders: Join an online network for real-time support and shared learning.

  10. Personalized Training: Private, one-on-one training sessions for tailored guidance​​ is available.

Meet the Masterminds

Jason Galicinski, Founder of FundEasy & Fundraising Masterminds
Jim Dempsey, Chief Development Officer at Cru
Jim & Jason.jpg

Jim Dempsey is the Chief Development Officer for Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), one of the largest nonprofits in the world. He has led all aspects of fundraising as well as personally conducted over 2,500 events and vision dinners. He has helped raise over $1 billion for nonprofits over his career.

Jason Galicinski has over 20 years of experience working in the nonprofit space. He founded FundEasy (formerly Ministry Sync) back in 2006 and has raised over $1 billion for nonprofits worldwide using his software solutions. He is happily married with 10 children, living just outside of Nashville, TN.

Jim Dempsey

Chief Development Officer, Cru

Jason Galicinski

Fundraising Masterminds President

Success Stories

  • How much do you typically raise at a Perfect Vision Dinner?
    There are a lot of factors involved and we will work with you directly to come up with a specific goal for your organization inside the program. However, we are seeing first time Vision Dinners typically raise around $100K. We have experience in growing organizations year-over-year with any size budget. We will help you reach your organization's goals.
  • How do I know if this Course is Right for My Organization?
    ✓ Does your organization need a fresh infusion of monthly partners? ✓ Do you feel "stuck" doing the same fundraising events every year with little growth? ✓ Are you a new Director and feel overwhelmed with the task of fundraising? ✓ Are you tasked with the job of doing a banquet, gala, or fundraising dinner? ✓ Have you been doing a banquet, gala or dinner each year, but seeing little growth? ✓ Are you a new nonprofit that is trying to raise the funds to get started? ✓ Are you an older nonprofit that is trying to breakthrough to the next level of growth? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this course is for you.
  • What is included with the program?
    20 Week Step-by-Step Guide Each week we will release a small set of videos (typically 10-15 mins long each) that you will need to watch at your own convenience that week. The video content is where you will learn all the important concepts of the Perfect Vision Dinner. ​ Printed Course Workbook You will get a professionally designed printed workbook to complement what you're learning and help you keep all your notes in one convenient place. 20 Live Coaching Calls Each week your team will be a part of our live coaching calls. We will be discussing your specific organization and how to apply the principles into your Vision Dinner. Jim Dempsey and Jason Galicinski will help you get the most out of the training on these calls. Two 30 Minute Private Calls Each organization is allowed two 30 minute calls with Jim Dempsey during the 20 week timeframe of the course. We recommend you use these calls during your name-storming and crafting your appeal. Vision Dinner Software Fundraising Masterminds has partnered with FundEasy to give your guests a seamless Vision Dinner experience leading up and during the big event! You will receive 50% off FundEasy as part of your enrollment. ​ Private Community Group You will have access to join a special private community group of your peers who are learning with you. Inside this community, you can share tips with each other and learn together! ​ Access to Special Upgrades You will receive special offers that will give you the opportunity to work privately with Jim Dempsey. These offers are only available to Perfect Vision Dinner members.
  • How much does the Perfect Vision Dinner Mentorship Program cost?
    There are two payment options for The Perfect Vision Dinner Mentorship Program: Option 1: One-Time Payment Amount: $5,997 Benefit: This offers the best value, but we understand that this might not be possible for everyone. Option 2: Monthly Installments Amount: $547 per month over 12 months Benefit: Our most popular choice, this plan lets you spread out the payments over a year. Plus, you can expect to get the funding you need by the fifth month, which should make the rest of the payments a breeze. Our payment options are flexible to fit any budget, so everyone can take part in the transformative journey with The Perfect Vision Dinner Mentorship Program.
  • Are there scholarship opportunities available?
    We don't have any scholarships available at this time, however, we do have a 'hardship application' you can fill out. This application is for struggling organizations or new organizations who have very little funding, yet genuinely want to take the Perfect Vision Dinner program. Once you fill out the application, there is a screening process and if you pass the initial screening, an interview will be scheduled. If your organization is approved, you would be required to pay a $500 deposit upfront and will be invoiced for $6,000 after your dinner.
  • How does the "Money Back Guarantee" work?
    If this course does not pay for itself, we will issue you a full refund. * * The person who qualifies for the Money Back Guarantee is the person who genuinely follows the course instructions, attends our weekly calls, seeks to apply everything he or she is learning. If, in the rare case, that everything in done according to the Perfect Vision Dinner formula and the Vision Dinner does not result in enough gross funds to pay for this course, than we will issue you a refund for the full price of this course.
  • I have a dinner 1 year from now, should I wait until the next class?
    It depends. When you enroll, you have access to the course material, the weekly calls, and the private community for an entire year. Some people like to go through the material twice so that they are very prepared for their dinner. Signing up a year in advance would give you the option to go through the material in a more casual way, so that you can wrap your head around everything. This way, by the time the next class starts, you'll be up to speed on our model and you'll be able to hit the ground running with your team.
  • When is this course offered next?
    The Perfect Vision Dinner course is offered twice a year. Once in the Spring, to prepare organizations for a fall dinner and once in the Fall, to prepare organizations for a spring dinner.
  • How many hours a week does this course take including assignments?
    The course varies from week to week. There are five main "sections" of the course: 1. Learning and Preparing 2. Getting Started 3. Planning the Program 4. The Week Of 5. Post Dinner FIRST HALF OF COURSE - GETTING ALL SYSTEMS ROLLING: Learning and Preparing: During the first week of the course, you will be learning a lot of concepts. Because of this, there is more up-front video content, surveys and questions. This is normally done with the Executive Director and maybe one other person, who might be helping. Work Load: 2-3 hours a week Getting Started: During this phase, we will be building a dinner team around the Executive Director. The dinner team consists of a Overall Dinner Coordinator, a Table Host Coordinator, a Registration Coordinator and a Volunteer Coordinator. There is a lot of up-front things we need to get started, for example, finding a venue, having a name-storming meeting with your board , printed materials, etc. We start all this pretty early in the process because we need a lot of this done before we can plan the dinner. Work Load: 5-10 hours a week, split across 5 people. SECOND HALF OF COURSE - PROGRAM PLANNING Planning the Program: Once the systems are moving, we can relax a bit more. The first half of the second half is focused on writing your program. This is where we work with your Director to create the 3 accelerators, program narrative, appeal scripts and other parts of the program. Work Load: 1-3 hours a week The Week Of: The last two weeks leading up to your dinner are the most intense as there is a lot of little details that need to come together, just like in planning a wedding. Work Load: 15-25 hours a week Post Dinner: After the dinner is over, we will be sending our thank you letters an making phone calls, but there will be a lot more time to rest. :) Work Load: 3-8 hours a week One of the reasons why this program is 20 weeks is because we like to pace ourselves. There is even a week off planned for the week of Christian (fall) and the week of July 1 (spring).
  • What is the general range of expenses for a Vision Dinner?
    The budget of a Perfect Vision Dinner can range greatly based on where you are in the county. Generally speaking, $10-15k is about the middle ground, most of that being the hotel and meal cost. We will help you negotiate with your venue and venders to be invoiced after your dinner for most of these expenses. Our base-line goal for a Perfect Vision Dinner is $100,000. That's a 10x Return on Investment (ROI). Many organization exceed their goal at the dinner.
  • Why do you start so early?
    There are 250 items that need to be done for the Perfect Vision Dinner formula to work. We start the course 20 weeks before your Vision Dinner because we want to pace your team in a manageable way. We don't believe that you will get the results you desire by cramming everything in 2 months before your dinner. We will spend 1-2 weeks laying a solid foundation of development principles, help you name-storm your Table Hosts, build a dinner team around you, help you put together your dinner marketing plan, and give you the step-by-step instructions each week on what to do for the week
  • Who is Jim Dempsey?
    With over 39 years of experience in nonprofit development, Jim Dempsey has been instrumental in advancing the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru), one of the largest nonprofit organizations globally. As the Chief Development Officer, he has played a crucial role in the organization's expansion since its early days in the 1950s. Under Jim's strategic leadership, he has successfully directed fundraising initiatives that have cumulatively raised over $1 billion. His current stewardship involves managing a robust effort that contributes to the $750 million revenue — a testament to his expertise in financial oversight and resource allocation. Jim's role at Cru extends beyond fiscal management; he is at the helm of development operations across 75 national organizations in North America, South America, and Oceania. His comprehensive approach to fundraising encompasses all facets, from conceptualizing and leading over 2,500 vision dinners over 39 years to forging enduring donor relationships. He oversees all internal development training and counseling. His dedication to Cru's mission has been a constant throughout his tenure, making him a key figure in the realm of global Christian ministry. In addition to mentoring nonprofit leaders, you can find Jim weekly on the Fundraising Masterminds Podcast.
  • Who is Jason Galicinski?
    Jason Galicinski is a key figure in the Christian nonprofit sector, with a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years. After graduating from Moody Bible Institute, he spent a decade in ministry within the Chicago area. It was there he identified the need for improved fundraising processes in these ministries. In response, in 2006, he founded Ministry Sync (now known as FundEasy), a software specifically designed to streamline fundraising events for nonprofits. This venture has achieved immense success, being embraced by thousands of ministries and helping to raise over $1 billion worldwide for the Kingdom. In 2016, Jason responded to a personal call, establishing a ministry aimed at rescuing and educating street children in the slums of Zambia, Africa. He resides just outside of Nashville, TN, with his wife and their 10 children, continuing to make a significant impact through his innovative solutions and deep commitment to his faith. In addition to mentoring nonprofit leaders, you can find Jason weekly on the Fundraising Masterminds Podcast.

Next Class Starts on May 6, 2024

Only 18 slots are available

Apply now to get enrolled to the next program.






As the #1 podcast for nonprofit leaders, the Fundraising Masterminds Podcast is the ultimate source for nonprofit leaders looking for practical solutions to their daily fundraising and development challenges. Hosted by Jim Dempsey and Jason Galicinski, seasoned experts with the remarkable track record of working with over 5,000 nonprofits and raising over $2 billion globally, our show focuses on instilling the right mindset in nonprofit leaders and implementing effective development strategies that will get your nonprofit FULLY FUNDED. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting out, tune in on Wednesday afternoons to learn practical, Biblical principles for all things nonprofit!

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